arcis records.

Our tireless curiosity and relentless search for the perfect sound led us to found arcis records as our own label in 2020 under the leadership of Jure Knez and Claus Hierluksch.

– the idea

The arcis principle.


We decide what we record and when.
This can be in album format, a Growing Playlist like JSB:48 or simply a single work that we are working on.
We have everything in our own hands.

Sound experiments

We see the recording sound as an additional creative tool, an instrument with which we want to play just as virtuosically and impressively as with the saxophone.
What suits the piece? What kind of sound world do we want to create? How do we want to hear ourselves?

Thinking in the medium

Working in the recording room and in the studio makes things possible that are not possible in a live concert. From overdubbing and sound choreography to special microphone techniques, we want to use every opportunity to create the most exciting listening experience for you. Quite deliberately in the sense of “sounds like a recording” – without ever losing the direct, intimate chamber music character.

– says more than a thousand words


  • Swipe and click!

– for the eye